We are Worshipping Warriors

This year our theme is“We are Worshipping Warriors”. In order for our children to become true worshipers they must learn to worship God in spirit and in truth.  We must teach our children to pray and to praise in all circumstances.

Memory verse:

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Sign language video of memory verse:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3AX_wiRPDI

Acts 16:16-40




1.Acts is in the New Testament. It was written about the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the Apostles.

2. Our memory verse says that we are to rejoice in all things. The story of Paul and Silas gives us an example of how to rejoice in difficult times.

3. We are worshipping warriors which means we worship God at all times because we know that he is faithful.

4. When we worship many others will be saved.

Nursery/Toddler Resources:



This lesson contains stories coloring sheets and crafts



Build a Road

Have children build a jail. Let two children pretend to be Paul and Silas in jail  and one be the jailer.

Coloring sheets:

paul and silas coloring sheet




Paul and Silas in Prison – add yarn



Say: Let’s play a game of Tag to remember that God sent an earthquake to break Paul and Silas’ chains.

Choose one child to be the “jailer”—or tagger. Explain to kids that when they’re tagged, they must link arms with either the “Jailer or the previous person who was tagged to form a chain.

After a few minutes of play, yell out, “Earthquake!” When you do, everyone must stop and stomp their feet to make an earthquake rumbling noise. All of the kids who’ve been caught can break their chain and go free. But before they do, they must form a circle around the Jailer and say, “God loves you.” Choose another child to be tagger for the next round and continue playing.

Play several time


Musical Parade

Paul-and-Silas-Christian-Nursery-RhymeGive each child a musical instrument to use (tambourine, triangle, etc.) Teach them this song:


5-12 Year Olds Lessons

Storyteller’s Tent

  1. PAUL AND SILAS interactive story
  2. Lesson-6-Paul-Silas-bible bowl
  3. CURR262 paul and silas worksheets
  4. 15. Paul & Silas chains numbered paper chain story review

Creation Station

Color and cut out these figures to make a poster of the memory verse.

ThessFullBW poster

Create a poster combining  chains or bars with the memory verse








Powerzone Theater


5-10 year olds Paul Cartoon movie

11-12 year olds -Paul Movie





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