True Worshipers-Worshiping God- Our Provider

Theme- 1 Kings 17 tell us  the story of God’s provision.  God provided for his prophet Elijah and in the process a widow and her son were provided for as well. We can worship God for he is our provider as well. Psalm 136 tells us to give thanks to God for His provisions and for His love which endures forever.  This theme of “Worshipping God” will be continued throughout 2013 as teach our children to become worshippers in spirit and in truth.

Psalm 136, 1Kings 17:8-24

Memory verses for this rotation:

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

John 4:23

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

Psalm 136:1


1. 1Kings is in the Old Testament. It was written about the provision of God. When Elijah was hungry the Lord provided meals through a raven. When Elijah needed a place to hide the Lord provided for him through a widow and her son. When Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal the Lord provided a miracle.

2. We praise God for who He is…our provider.

3. When we live a life of a true worshiper of God we must boldly follow God knowing that he is our provider.

4. We show our faith in  the Lord by our actions.

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

James 2:26

Nursery/Toddler Resources:



There is a special baby bottle toy that looks empty when turned upside down and magically
fills up when turned upright. Bring this bottle to explain how God filled the oil and flour
jugs for the woman.

Bring paper plates to class. Let the kids draw food that they would like to have on their paper
plate. Talk about how God took care of the woman and her son.

Bring unpopped popcorn and popped popcorn. Show the unpopped corn and ask the kids if
they think if would feed many people. Then, show the popped corn. Share how a little bit of
corn pops to make a lot! Explain how God did a special miracle for the woman to help her
little bit of oil and flour go a long, long way.

Full lesson ideas:1kings 17.8 full lesson      Elijah and the widow lessons

Coloring Story:Elijah And The Widow B+W


Not only is flour and oil good for food, but can also be made into something fun to play with. We are going to make some homemade play dough. You will need 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, a couple of bowls and small zip lock bags. You can adjust this recipe up or down based on how many children you think you might have. Mix all of the ingredients together. Add the water and the cooking oil. Next, knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. The kneading will make the dough smooth and shiny. Flour your hand to prevent the dough from sticking. As an option you can bring food coloring to make the dough a certain color. Give a little bit of dough to each child with a small zip lock bag to take home. Tell the children that when they play with play dough, they should remember how God provides for them just like he provided for the widow and her son.


Bring a small bean bag (or zipper bag with beans inside). Explain that each child will follow
directions and balance the bag on their head as they are listening to instructions. Call out
the person to walk, crawl, hop, or touch their toes while balancing the bag on their heads.
While the person is in motion, they cannot touch the bag with their hands! If the bag falls,
another child must help put the bag back on the person’s head. Let the kids take turns calling
out directions. When finished, talk about how we needed others to help when the bag fell.
Share how they helped meet our need. Help the kids understand how God meets our needs
too! (game from Gospel Light)

Musical Parade

Give each child a musical instrument to use (tambourine, triangle, etc.) Teach them this song:

Sing a song to the tune of “I’m a little teapot.”
I’m a ju-g full of oil,
there’s not much in me I’m about to spoil
The woman turned me and out I came
Believe or not I’m full a-gain.

Start a parade singing this song while using the instruments.

5-12 Year Old Powerzone  Workshops

Storyteller’s Tent/ Drama/Games


Elijah Skit

Scripture/Bible Game: Question Board Game

Refill the Bucket relay:  For this game you will need 2 buckets full of water, 2 smaller buckets, and 2 large sponges.  Put the children into 2 teams.  The 2 teams will race against each other.  Give the first child in line the sponge and have them dip it into the large bucket of water and run to the smaller bucket.  They will then squeeze the water out of the sponge into the smaller bucket.  Repeat until each child has had a turn and the smaller bucket is filled.  The first team to fill their bucket wins.  Remind the class that filling the bucket up was hard work.  God worked a miracle when He kept the Widow’s jar of oil full until it rained.

Review Questions:  Use the follow questions to review the story.

  1. Where did God tell Elijah to go? To the Kerith Ravine east of the Jordan River.
  2. How did God tell Elijah that he would get food?  Ravens would bring him food and he would drink from the brook. 
  3. Who did God say would provide food for Elijah next?  The Widow.
  4. Why didn’t the widow want to make food for Elijah?  She only had enough flour and oil to make one more cake of bread.  After that she thought her and her son would die. 
  5. What did God do so that they would all have food to eat?  God did not let the oil or flour run out until it rained again. 
  6. Did God provide for the widow, her son, and Elijah?  Yes.  He kept them all feed during the drought. 

Raven’s Food

The aim of this game is to remind the children that ravens brought food to Elijah. Teams Line up at one end.  At the other end of the hall have starburst (pretending to be bread and meat) on a table. Give each team a couple of black socks.  When it’s the child’s go they wear the black sock like a glove – pretending to be a raven.  Kids take it turn to run and use the hand wearing the black sock pick up one starburst. Team leader can be Elijah. Kids bring the starburst to Elijah.  Count out how many starburst each team collected and then hand out the starburst evenly among the kids.

-Journal writing

Give each child a sheet a paper and a pencil, and ask them to write down at least three situations in which they might find themselves where they had to trust God to provide for them. Have them write a prayer or a song thanking God for providing. Have each student share their prayer or song lyrics.

Elijah, the ravens and the widow wordsearchElijah, the ravens and the widow cloze








Creation Station

Have students use foil to sculpt bird like the raven that brought Elijah food. Have them make a tag and write the memory verse to attach to the bird.

Powerzone Theater


5-12 year olds movie


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