Following Jesus, The Call for Disciples

Theme- Jesus can be a special friend. We have been called by Jesus to share the message of the Gospel and God’s love with others. We can help lead others to Christ.

Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 6:12-16

Memory verse for this rotation:

“And he said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.’” (Matthew 4:19).


  1. A disciple is a follower of a particular person and their teachings; an apostle is a person who acts as a personal representative of another.
  2. Jesus had a lot of disciples; he called 12 of these disciples to be his apostles.
  3. When Jesus called the 12, they couldn’t help but drop everything to follow him.
  4. Jesus calls us all to be disciples; he also may call us to do special jobs.

Biblical Explanation and Background for Teaching (click below)


Suggested Activities
Click on each for links to resources:
  1. Music Station- Use musical Instruments and sing song-12-disciples-song
  2. Literacy Station- Practice Writing the letter “F”-alphabet-letter-f-fishermen-dnealian-handwriting-practice-worksheet-preschool-printables                            word-search-letter-f-four-words-handwriting-practice-preschool-printable-activity                              fish-dot-to-dot
  3. Art Station- Making playdough fish (See sister Deborah if you need playdough)
  4. Games- Follow the leader and Fishing for people- preschool-activities
 Other Resources:

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