Giving Like Jesus

Theme- Jesus sacrificed his life for us. He gave everything He had. When we follow Jesus we give to others because of what he gave to us. We can show our love and thankfulness by giving sacrificially to others. Through giving we can help lead others to Christ.

1 Chronicles 21:16-26, Luke 21:1-4, Matthew 25:31-40

Memory verse for this rotation:

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”  Colossians 3:17


1. Jesus gave His life for us. He is our example of sacrificial giving.

2. We give thanks to God. We give to others because of the priceless gift he gave to us.

3. When we give like Jesus (sacrificially) it costs us something. We must give up something. (1 Chronicles 21:16-26, Luke 21:1-4)

4. We show our love and thankfulness to the Lord by giving to others. It is as if we have given to Him.(Luke 21:1-4)

Nursery/Toddler Resources:

Lessons: » Children’s Bible Lesson: A Generous and Sacrificial Giver » Print

Widow’s Mite Coin Preschool Lesson on Giving

Coloring sheets:



giving tree

Offering Plate – MSSS Craft Template

Storyteller’s Tent

Widow’s mite storytelling lesson plan video:

Lesson activity sheet: Giving-Widow’s-mite-ssp

Creation Station

Review lesson about giving and Widow’s mite. Children will make ornament crafts to be given as gifts during the Christmas program. See Sis Deborah for materials.


Powerzone Theater

Movie: Legend of the Three Trees

Powerzone Playhouse: Christmas play rehearsal


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