We are Worshipping Warriors

This year our theme is“We are Worshipping Warriors”. In order for our children to become true worshipers they must learn to worship God in spirit and in truth.  We must teach our children to pray and to praise in all circumstances.

Memory verse:

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Sign language video of memory verse:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3AX_wiRPDI

Memory verse:

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and [b] will call him Immanuel.


Isaiah 7:1 – 14; 9:1 – 7; Matthew 1:18 – 23; Luke 2:1 – 7




1.Christmas through the Eyes of Isaiah-God has loved us from eternity and planned for our salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

2. Our memory verse says that we are to rejoice in all things. God loved us so much that he has had a plan for us since the beginning of time.

3. We are worshipping warriors which means we worship God at all times because we know that he is faithful.


  • Children will know that Isaiah told about Jesus more than 700 years before Jesus was born, and that these things are written in the book of Isaiah in the Bible.
  • Children will know that Jesus’ mother was Mary and his stepfather was Joseph; his real Father is God.
  • Children will know that Jesus is God with us, “Immanuel”.
  • Children will know that Jesus was a real baby who  grew up to be the man who died on the cross for our sins and came to life again on the third day.

Nursery/Toddler Resources:

Lessons:storytelling Isiah christmas


This lesson contains stories coloring sheets



Manger Hide-and-Seek SUPPLIES: “Empty Mangers” handout (p. 24), scissors, crayons Before class, photocopy the “Empty Mangers” handout. Cut out the mangers, and hide them around the room. Let children search around the room for the mangers. Encourage them to say, “Get ready, Jesus is coming!” each time they find a manger. After all the mangers have been found, have children count and color the mangers they’ve collected. As they work, ask them who will lie in the manger. Remind them that Jesus is God’s Son, promised long ago.

empty manger

Coloring sheets:

god’s promis coloring



Make to Take: Paper-Plate Wreaths Before class, cut red and green tissue or crepe paper into 3-inch squares, and cut the centers out of paper plates. You’ll need one paper plate, one piece of ribbon, and at least 20 tissue paper squares for each child. Give children each a paper-plate rim, and help them punch a hole in it using a hole punch. Show each child how to thread a ribbon through the hole. Have a helper tie the ribbons to create loops to hang the finished wreaths. Show children how to wad up the red and green tissue paper squares and glue them to their plates. Tell children they can hang up their wreaths as reminders that Christmas is coming. As they work, have them name things they’ll do while they’re waiting for Christmas.


Musical Parade
Give each child a musical instrument to use (tambourine, triangle, etc.) Teach them this song to the tune of farmer in the dell:

The baby’s in the manger.

The baby’s in the manger.

Hip-hip hooray, we’re glad today

The baby’s in the manger.


Isaiah told the people.

Isaiah told the people.

Hip-hip hooray,

we’re glad today

Isaiah told the people.


Jesus is God’s Son.

Jesus is God’s Son.

Hip-hip hooray,

we’re glad today

Jesus is God’s Son.


Newspaper Game: Tell Everyone that Jesus is Coming

Say: Doesn’t Jesus sound wonderful?  Everyone was very excited to hear that was coming.  Isaiah told everyone to be on the look out for Jesus.  (Hold up a newspaper)  This is a newspaper.  We use it as a way to share news with other people.  Isaiah didn’t have a newspaper to write in but He did write about Jesus in the Bible and told everyone he knew.

Let’s use our newspapers to play a game and tell others that Jesus is coming.  Everyone gets one piece of newspaper to stand on and must stay on their newspaper.  Encourage the class to stay on their piece of newspaper while they throw a newspaper ball back and forth to one another.  Each time they throw the ball they should say, “Hey ______, Jesus is coming!” and then toss it to that person.  See how long you can keep the ball from hitting the floor.  Play as long as the class is interested.

Where is Jesus?

Before class, hide a small baby Jesus somewhere in the room.  A small toy baby doll will work or just a picture of baby Jesus.  Say: God promised his people that Jesus was coming and God always keeps His promises.  Because of God’s promise the people were excited.  They had to wait a very long time for Jesus to come.  Let’s play a game about waiting for Jesus to come.

Tell the class that there is a pretend baby Jesus somewhere in the classroom.  Encourage them to work together to find baby Jesus.  Hide the baby Jesus again if your kids want to keep playing!

Say: Once God’s people knew that Jesus was coming they waited and looked for Him all the time.  God’s people had to wait a very long time before Jesus came.  Did you have to wait long to find Jesus?  Probably not very long.  But we knew that Jesus was somewhere in the room and we found Him.  Everyone was very excited when Jesus was born just like you were excited to find our Jesus.

Waiting for Jesus Game

Place the newspapers back on floor.  There should be one piece of newspaper for each kid.  Play music and as long as the music is playing the kids should dance or walk around the room.  When the music stops they must stand on a piece of newspaper.   Play music again and they will walk around the room until the music stops again, and they will jump back onto a different piece of newspaper then the one they were on the last time.  Play as long as desired.

(You may want to tape down the pieces of newspaper if the kids are slipping on them.)

When the game is over say: Was it hard to wait for the music to stop to jump onto the newspaper?  You had to wait until it was time to jump on the newspaper.  God’s people had to wait too for Jesus to come.  They knew He was coming because God told them He was and God always keeps His promises.  

Learn Jesus’ Name

Write “Jesus” on a piece of construction paper.  Cover the letters in glue.  Let the kids cover the glue with tiny pieces of colorful tissue paper.  Encourage them to cover every part of the name.  While the kids work explain that Jesus’ birth is something to be celebrated because He would one day save the world.  Also, remind them that His name is Jesus but He is also called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

(A less messy version of this would be to cover the letters with stickers.)

Review Game

Start the review by saying the Bible Verse with Motions again.

Sit in a circle with the class and ask yes or no review questions.  If the answer is yes they should stand up and say “Jesus is Coming.”  If the answer is no they stay sitting.

  1. God told Isaiah that Jesus was coming. (Yes)
  2. Isaiah didn’t tell anyone that Jesus was coming. (No.  Isaiah told everyone)
  3. Jesus was called Wonderful. (Yes)
  4. Jesus was called Mighty. (Yes)
  5. Jesus was called Sleepy. (No)
  6. Jesus was called Everlasting. (Yes)
  7. Jesus was called Peace. (Yes)
  8. God’s people waited a long time for Jesus to come. (Yes)
  9. Isaiah wrote about Jesus in the Newspaper. (No. He wrote about it in the Bible.)
  10. God keeps His promises. (Yes)

5-12 Year Olds Lessons

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